I transformed my life with improv.
I did,they did it, and so you can....

In Improv we have a secret technique for transformation

“yes, and...”

We practice this simple skill on stage and off. If you try - it your life will be changed forever.

You see improv isn’t just about the stage. Improv is about embracing the possible and seeing where it leads...

We all get stuck and we all learn to judge ourselves way too much. We assume the worst as a defense.

In Pan Theater’s Intro to Improv class you learn to say yes to change. You learn to take chances and give up judgement.

You’ll learn to get back in touch with the freedom you had as a five year old -when you could do anything or be anyone.

Think of it as recess for adults...

Imagine playing games that make you laugh and have fun with other adults. In the process of playing these games you’ll learn to communicate better, to let go of judgement, and take chances...

We’ve heard it many times before...

From Betsy Aaron (Pan Alumni)

Pan makes learning improv a joy, and what I have learned has helped me far beyond the work I do in this performance art; I bring what I learn to my day to day life, and it has made my life brighter, more manageable and more fun. Pan creates a safe place to take risks and fail, to practice life, something we do rarely get to do.
Betsy Aaron

It all starts by saying yes to the possible.

Are you ready to say yes to yourself?

Sure you’ll make new friends, have fun and laugh. But you’ll also learn a whole new way of looking at life. One that made this bird fly.

You will. You’ll get on stage and you’ll play. You’ll perform and boy it is fun.

But I’m going to give you a gift. Yup. Before I tell you more...

I want to give you two tickets to see my friends at Pan Theater. The tickets are good for their Awkward Face Improv shows. The tickets are normally $12 so you’re getting a $24 value.

Enter your email below and you’ll receive an email good for two tickets to any 8pm or 9pm Awkward Face improv theater show at Pan. Cost free. Why?

Because I want you to see the fun people can have performing improv theater. You see the performers you’ll see aren’t any different from you or me. They took one simple class at Pan and that led to another and they become performers. If you can do it. They can. I’m going to do it.

Enter your email address below for 2 free tickets. Tickets are a $24 value.

Now let me continue about this class.

It meets one block from BART. It is about thirteen minutes from Berkeley by BART or 16 minutes from the Powell Street BART station for those that can’t fly.

It meets from 8pm to 10pm on Tuesdays. It isn’t cheap. The class is a serious investment in your future. It cost $30. I know that is a lot that’s why I’m giving you the free show tickets.

You should know. I’ve got your back. This class comes with a 100% laugh guarantee. If you don’t have fun or laugh at least once you get your money back. No questions asked.

Here are the specifics:

Tuesdays: 8pm to 10pm
Pan Theater
2135 Broadway
Oakland, CA (one block from BART in Uptown)
Cost: $30 at the door

Less than a movie ticket and a couple of drinks...

A better life, more fun and more opportunities
Class space is limited. We suggest registering early.

Transform your life.....

Get your tickets via the Eventbrite link below or you can buy your ticket at the door. Door tickets are cash only.

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Intro to Improv. The Bay Area’s favorite improv acting class.

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